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Our plugins are developed with the feedback of Uwe Steinmueller (editor of DOP) and they are being used in his workflow on a daily basis. (We can't get a better compliment than that!)

Please see the DOP website for its reviews of:

We encourage to try these products on your own images to see for yourself:

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Our products:

Boundary Noise Reduction (click the link for more details)

Original (no noise removal)Processed via Boundary Noise Reduction

Colormancer - Color Enhancement Tools

Before Colour Correction
After Colour Correction

The Colormancer suite is a pair of colour correction tools (Colormancer and Selective Color) that allows photographers to make their images more vibrant, whether it's creating rich, dark saturated colors or cutting through haze. Selective Color (results not shownhere ) allows photographers to selectively isolate and adjust color and tonal ranges.


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Products: Boundary Noise Reduction [reviews] | Colormancer color correction tools