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Installation instructions and documentation can be found at the documentation page.

Email Support

For support, please email .

Please include in your email:

1. What operating system you are using.
2. What plug-in host you are using and what version it is (e.g. Photoshop Elements 6, CS 3, etc.).
3. Steps to reproduce your problem.


Are the plug-ins supported in Vista, Windows 7, and for 64-bit Photoshop?


The plug-ins are compatible with 64-bit Photoshop on Windows, but are they compatible with 64-bit Mac version?

Not at the moment, although the next update will provide 64-bit support. For now, make sure that you open CS5 in 32-bit mode. Get Info on the CS5 application and select the 32-bit checkbox.

For Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction, why is 16-bit mode greyed out?

16-bit and 32-bit is disabled for the freeware version, but enabled in the commercial version.

Known Issues

* In 32-bit mode, there is banding in the proxy preview. This banding will not occur in the rendered/processed image.


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