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Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction [ More information ]

A freeware version of our commercial noise reduction plug-in. We believe that both deliver the highest image quality out of any available noise reduction plugin.

Download: [ Mac ] [ Windows (32 and 64-bit) ] Installation instructions + manual

*If you are using an older Windows computer with a processor that does not support SSE2 instructions, use this slower version without SSE2 instructions. Pentium 4, AMD64 processors and above will support SSE2. The normal version will crash on older processors.

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White Balance / Highlight Recovery Plug-in [ More information ]

This plug-in lets you quickly white balance an image by drag-selecting a neutral area to eliminate the color cast. It will also recover highlight detail that is normally clipped and discarded by the white balance process.

Similar white balance plug-ins sell for $39.95 (Imaging Factory White Balance v2.0).

Download: [ Mac ] [ Windows 32 & 64-bit ] | Installation instructions + manual

Tint Plug-in [ More information ]

This plug-in lets you apply tints, bleach bypass, sepia tone, control B&W conversions, etc.

Similar black & white conversion plug-ins sell for $99 (Convert to Black & White Pro) and $199.95 (Silver Efex).

Download: [ Mac ] [ Windows 32 & 64-bit ] Installation instructions + manual

Why are we giving away free Photoshop plugins? Are we crazy? While we sell commercial Photoshop plugins too, we don't feel a need to try to make a profit on everything we offer and would like to share our software with the world.

If you like our plugins, please help out your friends by telling them about us. You can also visit the Colormancer website to check out our other Photoshop plugins (color correction tools and professional noise reduction).


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